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Bob Merlo, Senior Director, SAP Visual Enterprise Marketing, SAP, on upcoming mobile apps to accelerate mobile business activities.

An interview by Bernhard D. Valnion, Editorial Head of Economic Engineering magazine

Mr Merlo, can you give us a brief insight into the next release of SAP Visual Enterprise products? 

If you remember a while ago when we talked about the strategy it was not just about the integration of visual content with business data but also enabling the content to be accessed from any mobile device. And now we can offer such a solution. Our first emphasis is on the iPad because its proliferation is obvious. We shall do this on Android systems as well. And by the way, you can always do it on a Tablet-PC with Windows. We have gone through the process of adding it to the Apple store, so now anybody can download the viewer australian casinos for free — we have always believed the viewer should be free for anyone. If you create content you want to make sure that microgaming online casinos it can be used internally or in your supply chain. 

Where do you think the first applications will be?

Think about someone working in the field — may be because they are repairing an aircraft online casino download or any other device. Then they can use animated stepbystep instructions based on fully accessible 3D models. All the normal functions we provide in our viewing technology. And, more importantly, you get access to meta data too. 
We can’t just convert a CAD structure but also all the meta data associated with the CAD model. When we come back to our discussion about the connection of visual information with business data, you realize that this is also to be part of the mobile platform strategy. You can select a particular part, get the business content like inventory information and then you can place an order. So, now you can embed this information in a fully integrated environment and link it to a spare parts ordering system. By the way, collaboration functionalities like red-lining or text editing are also a part of our offering.

How many file formats do you use?

There are two of them: one is the traditional file format that Right Hemisphere had, that is the .RH format. It is a very lightweight format but it is not so lightweight that you can stream it over the Internet. Therefore we introduced a new file format that is called .VDS. It is extremely lightweight. With the help of this new file format, you can visualize very large models with billions of polygons!

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