Visualization makes the difference


by Sebastian Grimm, Editorial Writer at

It seems that now everybody is suffering from an information overload or data glut. And with each new day we create millions of new data entries that may impact our businesses. But to deal with this information flood we still use old-fashioned tools like Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. But in doing so we cannot not really convince our interlocutors.An easy way out may open up if we just use our own eyes. No doubt, the visualization of huge amount of data will be the next big thing in our industries. By using visualization techniques we can recognize patterns and connections that matter, and based on that we can filter information to dive deeper into a specific context, bringing us closer to the right decision.We have two eyes and see a world that has at least three dimensions. Hence, visualizing data in 3D seems to be the most appropriate way to get as close as possible to reality. A lot of uncertainties that arise owing to misinterpretation of 2D data are eliminated. Regardless of the different observers, 3D data give us a realistic chance to identify facts and relevant aspects, let’s say of a future product.For the next years, data will be the definitive source to shape upcoming innovations and to generate new insights into our business, and it is our job to enable the discovery of these treasures. At the end of the day it seems that data visualization will be one of the most important things companies should care about. If you start playing with data in a certain way, interesting things can appear and different patterns can be revealed.All of us now are exposed to information design. And we all expect that information presented to us is prepared accordingly. Our eyes are exquisitely sensitive to recognize patterns in variations in colour or shapes. So why not using this well-established knowledge to drive our daily business and to get advantages over our competitors — or to come closer to a new breakthrough in product design or to present it to clients in a unique way? In future, 3D visualization will make the difference between ordinary and outstanding business. To wrap up: companies are running into an information overload and are losing the ability to process the incoming flood of data. The result: enhanced scepticism, loss of interest in what is going on in the markets, a lack of transparency in own business processes. Extended 3D visualization can be regarded as a powerful instrument to overcome these problems. Even when the content is poor, when visually presented it can set us on the right track to the right decision.

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